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THE KITCHEN/DINER ~ 20′ x 12’10”



Because for many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, I wanted the kitchen in Daisy Cottage to reflect this.  I hope we have created a place where familes and friends will WANT to gather, cook, drink, chat and laugh ~ in other words enjoy each others’ company.  Both myself and my husband enjoy cooking so we needed all the cooking implements we have at home replicated in Daisy Cottage.

The size of the room and the layout allows guests who are cooking to keep up with the ‘craic’ with those they are cooking for.  The diners can all gather around the table and still interact with the cook/s.

There’s more or less all the things any cook will need to produce a great meal, including a sellection of good and sharp knives (all held on a metalic strip above the worktop to keep them away from tiny hands!), and I also bought some catering style chopping boards with a colour board.  This allows cooks to chop on the correct board as each colour denotes what should be chopped on it so keeping cross contamination between food types to a minimum.  Added to that, our vegetarian guests can be assured that meat was not cut on the same boards as they would be using.  Though I am not a vegetarian now, I was at one time and so am very aware of what is acceptable and what is not.  Another thing needed to cook with pleasure in my opinion is accessories like serving dishes, casserole dish, baking tray, wok and so on and so these are in Daisy Cottage too. 

Along with having the kitchen in Daisy Cottage well equipped, we have the added advantage of our close proximity to the fishing port of Killybegs.  A short drive along the road to Killybegs you can purchase the freshest of fish, just caught the night before, on the pier there.  You never know what you will find but you do know that it is the freshest of the fresh.  There is also veg/fruit stalls across from the fish van and the guy there does a roaring trade selling a huge array of fresh vegetables, fruits, and eggs along with delicious jams & preserves.

Back to Daisy Cottage.  The kitchen/diner I had painted in a pale vanilla shade and with a window at both the kitchen end and the diner end and the high ceiling make for a light, airy room.  The black with gold fleck granite worktop is set off by the vanilla coloured units, keeping the room light.  The black is also picked up in the classic black and white tiles on the floor and the black of the side by side fridge freezer, and a star find in my opinion ~ a black dishwasher!  Which as dishwashers go, is rather nice.


* Large side by side fridge freezer with ice & chilled, filtered water dispenser

* Dishwasher

* Electric hob

* Electric fan assisted oven

* Microwave

* Granite work top

* Coffee machine

* Electric kettle

* 4 slice toaster

* Fruit/veg juicer

* Popcorn machine

* Veg/fish steamer

* Electric hand mixer

* Hand held blender

* Salad spinner

* Radio


* 10′ Long table

* 12 Matching chairs

* Tealight candle holders

* Placemats

There’s ample room around the long table (which is in fact 2 tables joined together ~ it’s very difficult to find a table that long!) for all our guests to sit and eat without being too cramped. 

For dishes I went for simple white dishes ~ I think food usually looks better served on white dishes.  And to make serving up a meal easier,  I put in both dinner knives and forks and starter sized knives and forks ~ less washing up between courses!  There’s also serving spoons to use with the serving dishes.  I’m not sure if anyone will ever use them but I also put in some corn on the cob holders ~ I can’t stand having to struggle with corn on the cob trying to use an ordinary fork or burn my hand trying to hold it so I figured our guests who want to eat corn on the cob will appreciate the tiny yellow ‘cob’ prongs.

Along with an ample supply of matching dishes and cutlery, glasses are also important and so I bought wine, beer/water, brandy, champagne, and Irish coffee glasses.  My party side is showing here I think.  Added to that, the ice dispenser on the fridge ensures an ample supply of ice for those g&ts!  

We threw a dinner party in Daisy Cottage for friends in that area recently, and having done this test run, I can confirm that I had everything I needed to prepare and serve a 3 course meal for ourselves and our guests.  Other than of all things a potato/veg peeler.  The devil really is in the detail and this omission has now been rectified.

NOTE: For further photos of the kitchen/diner and accessories, click on the photo of the kitchen/diner at the top of this post.


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