Daisy Cottage is our holiday home in south Donegal, Ireland, which we also rent to guests. 

We have spent a couple of years renovating this 100 year old house to bring it up to modern standards whilst respecting its style.  It is a typical centre of village house, where once previous owners many years ago let half the house to a bank and retained the rest as their home.  Later one half of the house was a pub and the family then lived in the rest of the house.  The last residents were a school teacher and her husband the local headmaster and their family.  So it has history in the village.  After that it was a holiday home to my husband’s cousin and her husband who have sinced built a house for a permanent residence out in the countryside.  And now it is our lovely Daisy Cottage.

We loved the place the first time we saw it, the atmosphere was special ~ even though it clearly needed a lot of loving care to breathe new life in to it.   And I think we have managed that.  It is still essential an old house but with the advantage of having all the needs of modern life.  The ceilings, especially downstairs, are higher than a modern house ceiling and this adds an airy feel to the rooms.  The walls are very deep, maybe 2 or 3 feet thick, and retain heat in winter and coolness in summer as they were intended.  The windows allow lots of light into the rooms further adding to the airy feel.

If you would like to read about the renovations and much more about Daisy Cottage you can read the trials and tribulations on my other blog: www.daisycottagedonegal.blogspot.com

If you would like to rent Daisy Cottage, please email me at: daisycottagedonegal@gmail.com 

2009 is our first year to rent out Daisy Cottage and it is available all year long.  If you would like to enquire about Daisy Cottage please email me at: daisycottagedonegal@gmail.com


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